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Human Care General Purpose Clip Sling

$175.99 to $528.68

Human Care General Purpose Clip Sling has an easy fit with built-in flexibility to achieve proper leg and body positioning for patients with some upper body control. The clip sling comes with non-proprietary strap attachments which are suitable for use on ceiling or floor lift suspensions. General purpose sling features divided and padded legs and a high back with integrated padded head support for added comfort. Each label on the toileting sling is color-coded which ensures the quick and easy selection of the correct sling and the straps are color-coded for easy determination of required positioning. Each sling features different color depending on the size option: Small - red, medium - yellow, large - green, extra-large - blue.

The general purpose sling is available in two models:

Single Patient Use model (Polyester/cotton fabric):

The single patient use slings have an option of disposal after use which gives the benefit of hygiene control and as the sling can be used by one patient at a time, it supports infection control protocols. The polyester/cotton material wicks away fluids and can be left behind a patient.

Reusable model (Polyester fabric):

Reusable sling features a durable, low-friction material that is easy to clean, apply and remove. Polyester slings should not be left behind the patient and are ideal for transfers from a chair or bed.

Lifting Situations:

Use to/from a chair:

  • Suitable for transfers and repositioning to and from a chair. The sling can be left behind patient for a short period of time.

Use to/from a bed:

  • Suitable for transfers and repositioning to and from a bed.

Single Patient Use:

  • The Sling is intended for use by a single patient at a time. Dispose after use.

Use to/from the floor:

  • Suitable for transfers from the floor.

Sling use Disclaimer: Please note that we recommend only using the recommended brand slings with your Patient lifts, we do not guarantee compatibility of other sling brands with your lift model.

NSB-104C-S NSB-104C-M NSB-104C-L NSB-104C-XL NSB-103C-S NSB-103C-M NSB-103C-L NSB-103C-XL
Human Care General Purpose Clip Sling
NSB-103C-S (Small) 12" 33" 31"
NSB-103C-M (Medium)17"35"38"
NSB-103C-L (Large) 21" 41" 45"
NSB-103C-XL (Extra Large)27"45"53"
Weight Capacity700 lbs.
Single Patient Use
NSB-104C-S (Small)12"33"31"
NSB-104C-M (Medium)17"35"38"
NSB-104C-L (Large)21"41"45"
NSB-104C-XL (Extra Large)27"45"53"
Weight Capacity700 lbs.

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