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Immedia 3B-board transfer board

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Immedia 3B-board transfer board is a thin and flexible transfer board which allows for easier application and removal. 3B-Board is intended to bridge shorter gaps when performing seated transfers. The board’s low friction upper surface allows the user to transfer independently or with assistance. 3B transfer board is a stable transfer board with a traditional curved shape, it can be placed either curve forward or curve backward depending on the transfer situation and surrounding obstacles eg: the wheel of the wheelchair.

Immedia 3B-Board is used when transferring between bed and wheelchair/shower chair, between wheelchair/chair/toilet chair or to and from the car. Combining a transfer board with a glide cushion provides even lower friction and is recommended when the transfer involves bare skin, for instance to and from a shower chair or toilet. Transfer board has a non-slip surface on the underside.

Intended Use- Immedia 3B-transfer board support transfers from bed to wheelchair and transfer in and out of the car. It can also be used for transfers between wheelchair, chair, toilet, shower chair, and commode.

  • Thin and flexible
  • Dimensions- 9.1" W x 30.3" L
  • Easier application and removal
  • Maximum weight capacity is 440 lbs.
  • Stable transfer board with a traditional curved shape
  • It can be placed either curve forward or curve backward
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