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Immedia E-board transfer board

$95.45 $115.00

Immedia E-board transfer board is a thin and flexible transfer board which allows easier application and removal.

E-Board Compact- A smaller and lighter board that is easily carried and suitable for the more active and independent user. Immedia E-Board compact is available in two lengths.

E-Board with wings- Immedia E-Board with wings has wings along the sides, which can be bent up or down. It provides more sturdiness and stability. The upward wing is used to protect against the wheel of the wheelchair. It is available in two lengths.

Intended use- Immedia E-Board can be used for transfer from bed to wheelchair or shower chair. It can also be used for transfer in and out of the car and between wheelchair, chair, toilet, shower chair and commode.

  • Thin and flexible
  • Easier application and removal
  • Suitable for the more active and independent user
Immedia E-board transfer board
IM4107.9" W x 17.7" L x 0.2" H
IM4089.8" W x 23.6" L x 0.2" H
IM40413" W x 23" L x 0.2" H
IM40513" W x 29.5" L x 0.2" H
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