Incontinence Care Wipes

Incontinence cleansing wipes, sometimes referred to as baby wipes or wet wipes, are fresh, gentle, and effective for a truly refreshing clean and are available in various shapes and sizes. These soft, yet highly absorbent wipes are the strongest and most versatile. The single-use, soft yet resilient cleaners offer high wet strength that allows them to maintain cleanliness. The care wipes are constructed of absorbent material that provides a soothing, gentle touch.
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Cottonelle Flushable Wet Wipes Flip-Top Pack

    Earn 7 Points ($0.10)

    McKesson White Washcloth

      Earn 8 Points ($0.10)

      Prevail Adult Washcloths with Aloe, Chamomile and Vitamin E

        Earn 7 Points ($0.10)

        Curity Nonwoven Disposable Cleaners

          Earn 19 Points ($0.20)

          Dynarex Personal Cleansing Washcloths

            Earn 7 Points ($0.10)

            Kendall Excilon Disposable Washcloths

              Earn 7 Points ($0.10)

              Cardinal Health White Dry Washcloth

                Earn 4 Points ($0.00)

                Tena ProSkin Dry Washcloths

                  Earn 11 Points ($0.10)

                  AMD Medicom Dry Wipes


                    Cardinal Health Wings Pre-moistened Washcloths

                      Earn 10 Points ($0.10)

                      Cardinal Health Incontinence Care Wipe, 9 x 13 Inch

                        Earn 8 Points ($0.10)

                        Royal Silver Basics Washcloth 12 X 12 Inch

                          Earn 11 Points ($0.10)
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                          Select up to 4 items to compare.