Reusable Underpads

Reusable underpads are designed to control and absorb liquids and are extremely comfortable yet highly absorbent. These underpads are an economic and eco-friendly alternative to disposables. The underpad’s breathable, knitted polyester surface, liquid-safe barrier layer, and compact center absorbent layer all work together to preserve a dry surface while in use. The product eliminates the unpleasant, embarrassing urine odors that result from incontinence. These underpads are ideal for adding an extra layer of protection to bedding and chairs.
The top selling reusable underpads are: Beck's Highland Blue Plaid Heavy Absorbent Reusable Underpad, and Hartmann Dignity Reusable Polyester Bed Pad

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Beck's Classic Heavyweight Reusable Underpad

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    Salk SleepDri Budget Underpad

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