I.V. Cannulas

IV cannuals or Intravenous (IV) cannulation are thin, flexible tubes inserted into a vein to deliver fluids, medications, and other essential substances directly into a patient's bloodstream. These intravenous cannulas are available in various sizes and configurations to accomodate different patient requirements. From standard peripheral cannulas to specialized options like safety cannulas, we curate our IV therapy supplies from best brands. They play a vital role in various medical settings, from hospitals and clinics to patient care at home. At Medicaleshop, we prioritize your patients' well-being and your convenience. That's why we offer competitive prices, secure online shopping, and efficient delivery to make your purchasing experience hassle-free.

17 Products

BD Interlink Blunt Cannula


    Thin-Flex Single Stage Venous Cannula

      Earn 1096 Points ($11.00)

      BD Twinpak Dual Cannula with Syringe

        Earn 284 Points ($2.80)

        Monoject 3 mL Syringe with Plastic Blunt Tip Cannula

          Earn 34 Points ($0.30)

          Shield Life Blunt Cannula, 18 Gauge

            Earn 35 Points ($0.40)

            Monoject SmarTip Cannula with 3 mL Syringe, 16 Gauge

              Earn 33 Points ($0.30)

              SteriGlide Aesthetic Microcannula

                Earn 203 Points ($2.00)

                Safeline Blunt Cannula

                  Earn 191 Points ($1.90)

                  BD Interlink Vial Access Cannula - 15 Gauge

                    Earn 0 Points ($0.00)
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                    Select up to 4 items to compare.