I.V. Kits and Trays

Intravenous (IV) therapy plays a critical role in healthcare, providing a direct and efficient means of administering fluids, medications, and blood products to patients. To ensure smooth and safe delivery of IV therapy, healthcare professionals rely on well-organized and comprehensive IV kits and trays. There are many different IV kits and trays available on the market, each with its own unique set of features and contents. Some kits are designed for specific types of IV therapy, such as chemotherapy or blood transfusions. Others are more general-purpose and can be used for a variety of procedures.

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One Time Central Line TPN/CVP Tray

    Earn 16 Points ($0.20)

    PERIFIX Epidural Tray Single Shot with Drugs, 18 Gauge Tuohy, 8 mL Plastic, Luer Lock Tip

    Earn 300 Points ($3.00)

    Medrad Stellant CT Dual Syringe Kit Spike 60 Inch Tubing - 20/Box

    Earn 524 Points ($5.20)

    Spinocan Spinal Tray Drugs Without Procedural Needle - 10/Case

    Earn 198 Points ($2.00)

    DeRoyal Picc Care Kit Tray

      Earn 19 Points ($0.20)

      Busse Hospitals Basic Pain Tray Without Needle, Sterile

        Basic Pain Tray Without Needle Without Needle

        Earn 20 Points ($0.20)

        PERIFIX Epidural Tray

        Epidural Tray Perifix Single Shot Tuohy 18 Gauge 3.5 Inch

        Earn 280 Points ($2.80)

        Busse Hospital Disposables Nerve Block Tray - 10/Case

        Earn 199 Points ($2.00)

        BD Luer-Lok Pharmacy Tray, 50 mL

          BD announced Oct 2019: Scale markings on all 60 mL BD Syringes will no longer extend beyond 50 mL, and the product will be labeled and sold as a 50 mL BD Syringe globally.

          Earn 37 Points ($0.40)

          Black Markings Convenience Tray Gray Plunger

            Largest selection of trays ranging from 1ml to 60ml capacity

            Earn 8 Points ($0.10)

            Medrad Stellant CT Dual Syringe Kit Tube 60 Inch Tubing - 20/Case

            Earn 496 Points ($5.00)
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            Select up to 4 items to compare.