I.V. Containers

Explore a wide range of I.V Containers designed to meet the demands of modern healthcare settings. Our selection includes Sharps containers, waste containers, chemotherapy containers and container brackets in various sizes and configurations, ensuring you have the flexibility to cater to different patient requirements. These containers are designed to maintain the integrity and sterility of their contents while facilitating easy administration.

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McKesson Prevent Sharps Container Red Base Vertical Entry Locking Lid

    McKesson Prevent Biohazard Infectious Waste Sharps Container

    Earn 2 Points ($0.00)

    OakRidge Sharps Container Translucent Red Base, 6-1/3 L X 4-2/3 W X 6-1/3 H Inch

    Earn 223 Points ($2.20)

    Post Medical A.N.D. Sharps Container Red Base 10 H X 3 W X 3 D Inch - 12/Case

    Earn 159 Points ($1.60)

    Nesar Systems Replacement Radioactive Sharps Container, 8-1/2 L X 4 D X 9 H Inch

      Replacement Radioactive Sharps Container Nesar Systems Red Base 8-1/2 L X 4 D X 9 H Inch Horizontal Entry 1 Gallon

      Earn 20 Points ($0.20)

      Recykleen RCRA Waste Container With Absorbant Pad, 12 H X 10-1/2 W X 7-1/2 D Inch

        Compatible with 305495 and 305497 Brackets

        Earn 342 Points ($3.40)

        BD Sharps Container Bracket, 14 W X 4.25 H X 4.75 D Inch

          Sharps Container Bracket Powder Coated Sheet Metal Wall Mount Locking

          Earn 63 Points ($0.60)

          Isolyser SMS WasteWise Sharps Container

            The 'catalyst' packs are added causing the liquid to heat and convert into solid plastic polymer, safely encapsulating and rendering the sharps destroyed and unusable; making them safe for the regular trash

            Earn 106 Points ($1.10)

            Sharps Assure Mailback Sharps Container, 9 L X 5-1/2 W X 7-3/10 H Inch

              Includes: Specially designed sharps container, Protective plastic liner and tie, Specially designed and approved inner carton, Prepaid outer shipping carton, Water-resistant sealing tape, Shipping manifest form for tracking and certificate of destruction, Clear and easy instructions

              Earn 70 Points ($0.70)

              Sharps Recovery System Mailback Sharps Container

                Includes: One 3-gallon sharps container, One prepaid return mailing system, Return transportation and proper treatment of waste, Proof of treatment through SharpsTracer

                Earn 103 Points ($1.00)

                McKesson Sharps Container with Horizontal Entry Locking Lid

                  McKesson Sharps Container

                  Earn 8 Points ($0.10)
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                  Select up to 4 items to compare.