Prep Pads

Prep pads, often known as alcohol wipes or swabs, are an important part of personal hygiene and medical care routines. Before placing an IV catheter or giving medication or fluids, Prep Pads are used to clean and disinfect the skin. These pads serve to limit the risk of infection by providing a clean and sterile entry point for the IV needle. At Medicaleshop, we provide a large selection of prep pads to fulfil your various demands. The wipes are individually wrapped to keep them fresh and effective until they are ready to use. Whether you're a healthcare professional preparing for a medical procedure or a regular person trying to preserve hygiene, our prep pads are a reliable option.

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Cardinal Health Curity Alcohol Prep Pad, 2-Ply, Medium

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    Medline Curad Alcohol Prep Pads for Wound Care, Medium

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