An IV Tourniquet is a medical device used to temporarily restrict blood flow in a patient's limb, usually the arm or leg, during venipuncture or catheter placement for IV therapy. Intravenous Tourniquets are often made of elastic or non-elastic materials and are intended to be comfortable for the patient while providing the necessary pressure to temporarily occlude the vein. They are a necessary tool for providing a successful and painless IV access operation. Medicaleshop has a large selection of Tourniquet from well-known brands. Buy today!

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Medline Tourniquet 1" x 18", Blue

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    Trinity Tourniquet Strap, Orange

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      Donovan Tourniquet Strap, 18 Inch Length, Latex

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        A.T.S. Cylindrical Tourniquet Cuff Without Sleeve, 4 Inch Width, Blue

        Earn 841 Points ($8.40)

        Seraket Quick Release Reusable Tourniquet

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          Donovan Tourniquet Strap, Natural

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            Trinity Tourniquet Strap, Blue

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              Select up to 4 items to compare.