Transfer Sets

IV (Intravenous) Transfer Sets are essential medical devices that allow for the safe and controlled transfer of fluids and medications from one container to another. These sets are often used in healthcare settings for a variety of tasks such as reconstituting drugs, diluting solutions, and transferring fluids from bigger containers to smaller ones. The IV transfer kits provide reliable, hygienic, and trouble-free IV fluid transfers. Medicaleshop provides a selection of high-quality transfer sets that assure accurate and contamination-free fluid administration. Because of our commitment to healthcare excellence, you can rely on us for all of your medical supply needs.

13 Products

Vygon Mini Transfer Device with Bacterial Retentive Air-Venting Filter

Earn 150 Points ($1.50)

Apex Transfer Set, 26 Lead

Earn 294 Points ($2.90)

ICU Medical Transfer Set, NonDEHP

    Earn 7 Points ($0.10)

    Braun Pinnacle 6-Lead Vented Transfer Set, Preassembled

    Earn 2822 Points ($28.20)

    B. Braun Fluid Transfer Set - 50/Case

    Earn 143 Points ($1.40)

    ChemoLock Transfer Set - 50/Case

    Earn 390 Points ($3.90)

    McKesson Transfer Set, 42 Inch, 7.9 mL Dual Check Valve

    Earn 321 Points ($3.20)

    Pinnacle Transfer Set DEHP-Free Tubing 9 Lead - 10/Case

    Earn 1244 Points ($12.40)

    TrueCare Transfer Set Without Syringe, DEHP-Free

    Earn 171 Points ($1.70)
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    Select up to 4 items to compare.