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Meywalk 2000 gait trainer

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Meywalk 2000 gait trainer features a dynamic assisted lift during the mid-phase of gait, as well as a lever lift transfer system that makes it easier for the kid and caregiver to get in and out of the device. Meywalk gait trainers are composed of high-quality materials that ensure extended life, optimal dependability, and low maintenance. The seat portion of the meywalk 2000 gait trainer may be lowered using a swing bar for transfers, making it easier for the user to get in and out of the walking assistance and reducing caregiver strain. The Meywalk gait trainer can also help the user get into any position, from vertical to 15 degrees forward tilt.

Assist with transfer: Meywalk may be folded down to the height of a wheelchair seat. After the user has been transferred to the seat, the caregiver can utilize the lever assist lift bar to help the patient stand up.

Assembly of a dynamic spring: The spring compresses as the user takes a step forward, assisting with the "lift and swing through" necessary to take the following step.

Adjusting the alignment in a subtle way: Under the ring, the seat can be changed to provide for appropriate foot alignment during walking.


  • Simple adjustments
  • Tires with no flats and casters
  • Construction is entirely made of steel.
  • All components of the support system are permanently attached.
  • There are options for lateral hip support, non-reverse and drag options, and swivel castor lock.
  • A wide range of growth adjustments are available to ensure years of usage with a growing child.
  • The swing bar is pushed down and the person is raised into a standing position once the transition is complete.

Note:To insure correct sizing, please provide the required measurements given below:

  • Axilla height
  • Inseam height
  • User weight
Meywalk 2000 gait trainer
Length 33.4" 37.5" 37.5"
Width 26.7" 27.5" 27.5"
Inner width 18.8" 18.8" 18.8"
Seat/groin height 19" - 26" 23" - 32.5" 28" - 40.5"
Trunk support height 30¾" - 38½" 36" - 45" 41" - 53.5"
Wheel size (front) 8" x 2" 8" x 2" 8" x 2"
Wheel size (rear) 16" x 2" 16" x 2" 16" x 2"
Ring size 10" W x 10" D 12¾" W x 11½" D 14½" W x 13¾" D
Weight 48.5 lbs. 55 lbs. 57 lbs.
Maximum load 150 lbs. 220 lbs. 220 lbs.
Color Green Blue Blue
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  • The warranty does not cover any damage due to normal wear and tear, intentional, negligent or inexpedient handling or use, use of unsuitable detergents and lubricants.
  • Standard manufacturer terms & conditions are applicable for warranty of this product.

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