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Molift RgoSling comfort net highback

SKU: RGOcomfortnet
$117.00 to $130.50
Services available:
resna certified assistive technology practitioner (ATP)

Molift RgoSling comfort net highback is particularly suitable when the sling is to be left underneath the user in a chair or wheelchair, and for users with muscular or skeletal pain. RgoSling comfort sling is a high back model which puts the user into a more posteriorly tilted position and provides good support to the entire back. RgoSling highback comfort sling is a full body support sling that is fabricated in a soft net mesh polyester material that breathes well and dries very quickly. Molift comfort net highback comes with shoulder straps that have a unique sliding loop, which provides a smooth transition from lying to sitting position and vice versa. RgoSling comfort highback sling must be applied with the user in a lying position.

  • Sliding loops: Sliding loops gives a balanced weight distribution
  • Maximum comfort: Designed to distribute weight and pressure evenly for maximum comfort
  • Anatomical shape: Anatomic design allows for the natural curvature of the spine and stops the user from sliding
  • Flip-up labeling system: Clear and visible information for everyday needs. Maintenance information flipped up behind the main label
SizeABWeight capacity
inchcms inchcms
Small50127379455 - 110 lbs.
Medium541364110399 - 210 lbs.
Large5714547119198 - 353 lbs.
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