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Broda Seating

Broda Seating manufactures products which are highly advanced, provide high quality seating and are designed for long term use. Shop for Broda products for supreme comfort, positioning and durability at special price only at Medicaleshop.

15 Products

Broda Elite tilt chair - model 85V

$2,294.00 $3,058.00

In Stock

Broda Access tilt chair

$975.00 $1,300.00

In Stock

Broda midline tilt recliner

$2,214.00 $2,952.00

In Stock

Broda Centric tilt semi recliner

$2,097.00 $2,796.00

In Stock

Broda Latitude pedal rocker chair

$1,592.00 $2,122.00

In Stock

Broda Additional Positioning Package

Special price upon request

In Stock

Broda Sashay pedal chair

$1,355.00 $1,806.00

In Stock

Broda Elite tilt semi recliner

Call for Information

In Stock

Broda Synthesis V4 tilt recliner

$2,756.00 $3,674.00

In Stock