Irrigation Kits and Trays

Medical ostomy irrigation kits and trays are specialized tools used in the care of individuals with an ostomy, which is a surgical opening in the abdomen that allows for the elimination of waste from the body. These kits and trays are used to flush out the ostomy bag, which is a pouch that collects waste from the body. Ostomy irrigation kits typically include a container or bag to hold the solution, and a tube or other device for administering the irrigation. They are an important part of maintaining hygiene and promoting the proper functioning of the ostomy. Top quality brands for ostomy irrigation kits are Amsino International, Coloplast, Convatec, Hollister, & Marlen at the best pricing online.
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Hollister Stoma Cone Irrigator Kit

    Earn 78 Points ($0.80)

    Coloplast Assura Ostomy Irrigation Tray - Hospital Version

      Earn 102 Points ($1.00)

      Coloplast Irrigation Stoma Cone with Tubing, Latex-Free

        Earn 36 Points ($0.40)

        Coloplast Assura Irrigation Set - Deluxe Version

        Earn 89 Points ($0.90)

        Coloplast Assura Irrigation Set - Economy Version

          Earn 38 Points ($0.40)

          Marlen Plastic Irrigation Cone

            Earn 34 Points ($0.30)

            Marlen Adj-A-Flo Reusable Colostomy Irrigation Bag Assembly

              Earn 41 Points ($0.40)

              Convatec Visi-Flow Stoma Cone

                Earn 27 Points ($0.30)

                ConvaTec Night Drainage System

                  Earn 79 Points ($0.80)
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