Lift Chairs

Lift Chairs have a powered lifting mechanism that pushes the entire chair up from its base. Our Lift Chair purpose is to make sitting or standing easier in all cases, and possible in many others. We stock lift chairs ranging from a basic two-position electric recliner to an infinite-position electric recliner. We also carry lift chairs for heavy duty persons and with many great types of fabrics.

7 Products

Golden Technologies Cambridge PR-401 3-Position Lift Chair

Price : $996.00
List Price : $1,322.00
Earn 996 Points

GoldenTech Cloud Lift Chair with MaxiComfort

Price : $1,878.00
List Price : $2,589.00
Earn 1878 Points

Goldentech Elara Power Lift Recliner

Price : $939.00
List Price : $1,416.00
Earn 939 Points

GoldenTech Dione Infinite Position Power Lift Recliner

Price : $1,469.00
List Price : $1,994.00
Earn 1469 Points

Pride Heritage LC358 3-position lift chair - Quick ship

Price : $1,204.00
List Price : $1,539.00
Earn 1204 Points

Pride Infinity LC-525i True Infinite Position Lift Chair - Quick Ship

Price : $1,474.00
List Price : $1,969.00
Earn 1474 Points

Pride VivaLift Atlas infinite position lift chair

Price : $1,654.00
List Price : $2,249.00
Earn 1654 Points