Positioning Aids - Horizontal

Positioning Aids - Horizontal provide the best solution to the caregiver to position, turn or move the client higher up in bed with the use of glidesheet, turning mattress, glidecushion and many more while they are at hospital or care facility.
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Silvalea Repositioning Sling

Earn 653 Points ($6.50)

Immedia TwinSheet 4Glide Down Part Incontinence System, 59" W x 55.1" L

    Immedia TwinSheet4Glide is a 2-part glidemattress suitable for turning and positioning of incontinent users with severely reduced mobility.
    Earn 147 Points ($1.50)

    Hoyer slide sheet

      Hoyer patient transfer slide sheet for patient handling for easy repositioning in bed and lateral transfer which reduce chances of injuries.
      Earn 74 Points ($0.70)
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      Select up to 4 items to compare.