Patient Lift Accessories

If you're looking to enhance the functionality and versatility of your patient lift system, you'll want to consider adding some useful accessories. At Medicaleshop, we offer a wide selection of patient lift accessories from top brands like Arjo and Savaria, including lift batteries and battery chargers that allows you to keep your lift systems charged and ready for use ensuring smooth and efficient operation. Rear castors are an excellent accessory for your patient lift if you need to move it around easily. If you're using a portable ceiling lift system, you'll need a hand control that's easy to use and provides precise control over the lift's movement. With a reacher , you can easily grab items that are out of your grasp. Get Free Shipping with special prices available at Medicaleshop.

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Arjo battery for Sara 3000, Tenor Patient lift

Earn 312 Points ($3.10)

Arjo battery charger for Carendo multipurpose hygiene chair

Earn 179 Points ($1.80)

Arjo battery charger for Maxi Move and Sara 3000

Earn 643 Points ($6.40)

Arjo battery charger for Sara Plus lift

Earn 705 Points ($7.00)

Medline Internal Batteries For Patient Lift


Medline Patient Lift Digital 700 Scale


Invacare Actuator Motor for Reliant 350 Stand-Up Lift

Earn 940 Points ($9.40)
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Select up to 4 items to compare.