Ear Care

Our ears are crucial sensory organs, responsible for both hearing and balance. Yet, they often get neglected until a problem arises. Fortunately, maintaining healthy ears is simple with the right care routine and products. Medicaleshop offers a variety of solutions to address diverse ear care needs:

Earwax Removers: Gently dissolve excess earwax buildup with Quest Clinere Ear Wax Remover Tool , NeilMed Ear Wax Remover and Pneo Clear Ear OTO Tip Earwax Cleaner
Ear / Ulcer Syringes: To aspirate and irrigate minor wounds or cleanse your ears and nasal passages.
Hearing Aids: For a modern and seamless way to enhance hearing.
Ear Basin/ Emesis Basin: Ideal for oral hygiene and ear irrigation.
Ear Plugs: Conforms to the shape of the earcanal to help create a comfortable, snug noise barrier.
Ear Relief Oil:For those who suffer from inner-ear related issues such as vertigo, dizziness, spinning, nausea and more.


-Never insert sharp objects into your ears.
-Consult a doctor for persistent ear pain, discharge, or hearing loss.
-Follow instructions carefully when using any ear care product.

Medicaleshop is committed to your ear health. Explore our selection and find the perfect solution for optimal hearing and aural well-being!

46 Products

Medline Sterile Ear/Ulcer Syringe

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    iHEAR linX OTC Hearing Aids Set


    Elephant Ear Wash System Blue With Disposable Tip

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      iHEAR aXis OTC Hearing Aids Set

      Earn 906 Points ($9.10)

      Acu-Life Ear Wax Removal Syringe Tri-Stream Tip

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        Quest Clinere Ear Cleaner

          Earn 8 Points ($0.10)

          Apothecary Aculife 5 in 1 Hearing Aid Cleaner, Audio Pro

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            Clinere Ear Wax Remover Tool


              Mabis Ear/Ulcer Bulb Syringe, 2 oz, Blue

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                McKesson Ear Basin White Kidney NonSterile Reusable

                  McKesson Ear Wash Basin

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                  Doctor Easy Ear Wash System Tips

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                    Select up to 4 items to compare.