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$327.99 to $427.99

Prism Medical hygiene slings are created exclusively for toileting and hygiene. Because most users have full access, hygiene slings are appropriate for independent transfer and toileting. Hygiene slings can be used in conjunction with a lifting hoist or a stand aid. While the individual is suspended within the sling, this allows them to remove or refit their lower clothing for toileting transfers. Because the individual's position will become more extended as he or she is lifted, the ability to change the tension on the chest band is a crucial feature for the individual's comfort and security. Furthermore, cushioning is only placed to the exterior of the leg parts, removing needless bulk in locations where it is not required.

Quilted fabric features

  • Washable
  • Permeable to air
  • Reduces bunching
  • Enhanced comfort
  • Polyester mesh fabric with quilted foam


  • Includes buckle enclosure
  • Commode with a large opening
  • In a seated posture, divided leg supports that can be applied and removed
  • Under the thighs, behind the mid to low back, and around the torso, this bra provides support
Extra Small 537605 Small 537610 Medium 537620 Large 537630 Extra Large 537640 Extra Extra Large 537650
Prism Medical Hygiene Quilted Sling With Buckle Strap
SizeJuniorSmallMediumLargeExtra LargeExtra Extra Large
Sling Height< 3 - 4 feet4 - 5'6 feet5 - 6 feet6 - 7 feet6 - 7 feet>6.5 feet
Sling Weight70 - 110 lbs.95 - 150 lbs.125 - 250 lbs.250 - 400 lbs.400 - 480 lbs.>480 lbs.
Safe Working Load 1,000 lbs. 1,000 lbs. 1,000 lbs. 1,000 lbs. 1,000 lbs.1,000 lbs.
  • Prism Medical slings are warranted against manufacturer defects for a period of one year from the date of purchase.
  • The warranty does not apply to failure attributable to normal wear and tear, damage by natural forces, user neglect, user misuse, or deliberate destruction.
  • The liability of Prism Medical under the terms of this guarantee shall be limited to the replacement of the sling.
  • Parts under warranty will be covered at no cost. Any labor cost for service under warranty is not covered as per our terms of sale.
  • Standard Manufacturer Terms & Conditions are applicable for Warranty of this product.

Please call us for specific details.

  • Unfortunately hygiene items cannot be returned once opened, due to health concerns.
  • Standard manufacturer terms & conditions are applicable for return policy of this product.

Please call us for specific details

What is a hygiene sling?

    Hygiene slings are created exclusively for toileting and hygiene purposes. The hygiene sling can be used in conjunction with a patient lifting hoist or a stand assistance. While a client is hung in the sling, it allows access to remove and replace lower clothing for toileting transfers.

How do you use a hygiene sling?

Are toileting slings safe?

    A toileting sling is one of the more frequent sling forms and is specifically designed to aid the toileting process. Toileting slings should never be considered general-purpose slings, and they may not be suitable or safe for some patients, despite their ease of use.

How do you put a sling under a patient?

  • Place the patient on a side.
  • Fold the sling in half and store it (lengthwise).
  • Fold the sling in half and tuck it under the body.
  • The patient should be rolled in the opposite way.
  • Take the folded section and move it to the opposite side.
  • Return the patient to their back in a supine position.
  • Note: It is indeed a "process" that requires caregiver patience.

What is a toileting sling?

    Toileting Sling is a hygiene aid designed for users to facilitate the toileting process. It also makes dressing and undressing the patient more easier for carers.