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Arjo slings are designed to provide safe and comfortable patient lifting and positioning solutions for healthcare professionals. Whether you need bariatric slings, clip slings, disposable slings, lateral transfer and repositioning slings, loop slings, or standing and raising aid slings, Arjo has a wide range of high-performing slings to suit your needs. Arjo offers a complete patient handling system. Arjo slings made of durable and easy-to-clean materials ensure hygiene and comfort for your patients. Some materials include polyester, nylon, cotton, mesh, and wipeable fabrics. Arjo slings have ergonomic designs that provide optimal support, and comfort for your patients. Some sling designs include padded legs, adjustable head support, amputee support, toilet access, and limb clips.
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Arjo Deluxe Comfort Sling for Sara Powered Patient Lift- TSS.50X

  • Designed to give greater comfort to the patient
  • Increased the leg padding area to encompass the hip and bottom,
  • Also removed the binding around the legs to make the edging softer
Earn 386 Points ($3.90)

Arjo Standard Clip Sling for 4-Point Patient Lift

  • Made of a soft and durable polyester fabric
  • The padded clip sling provides comfort in the leg area
  • It is used in combination with the 4-point DPS spreader bars
  • Easier to apply to residents with skeletal or spinal conditions
Earn 393 Points ($3.90)

Arjo Standard Padded Loop Sling with Head Support for 2-Point Patient Lift

  • It is used on 2-point loop spreader bars
  • Offers padding for the leg area of the sling
  • Intended for everyday patient handling routines
  • Increasing comfort and helps to prevent the material roping and creasing
Earn 402 Points ($4.00)

Arjo MaxiTube

Earn 76 Points ($0.80)
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Select up to 4 items to compare.