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Bailey Manufacturing

Bailey Manufacturing chairs are therapeutically designed and tested which are durable, rigid and comfortable. The products are suitable for physical therapy and classroom sitting and are available in the size and color which fits the individual needs. Buy bailey classroom chairs, therapy products, boards and much more at Medicaleshop.
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Bailey adjustable classroom chair

  • 58" body or leg strap with instant release hitch
  • Adjustable classroom chair, styled to resemble a typical classroom chair
  • Designed to provide mild to moderately involved physically challenged children with supportive seating
  • A versatile, comfortable, and attractive chair that can be adjusted to accommodate children of different sizes
Earn 257 Points ($2.60)

Bailey kinder classroom Activity chair

  • For home, school, or institutional use
  • Kinder chair is built from natural timber
  • It is a strong and pleasant seating device
  • Back can be adjusted from 90° to 70 °
Earn 191 Points ($1.90)

Bailey multi-use child classroom chair

  • It is adaptable, adjustable and also promotes supportive seating
  • Allow child to focus on developing and coordinating arm and hand skills
  • It is designed to assure good seating posture to special ability children
  • Designed for neurologically delayed or orthopedically involved children up to 40" tall
Earn 352 Points ($3.50)

Bailey multi-use adolescent classroom chair

  • Adjustable and adaptable chais to match the needs of students
  • Ensure proper seating position, which aids with attention and focus
  • Designed for neurologically delayed or orthopedically involved children up to 48" tall
Earn 456 Points ($4.60)

Bailey roll chair

  • It is upholstered in easy-to-clean and durable Blue Ridge vinyl
  • It helps maintain proper hip abduction and prevents "scissoring" of the legs
  • The chrome plated steel front and rear legs may be adjusted to various angles
  • A seat belt is included for safety, and to keep children from slipping off the seat
Earn 519 Points ($5.20)

Bailey heavy duty mobile adjustable wheelchair table

  • Wood laminate, scratch resistant top
  • Chrome plated steel frame, durable and easy to clean
  • Support children's therapy activities at both home and school
  • 3" locking rubber swivel casters which holds the table in place
Earn 624 Points ($6.20)

Bailey crutch and cane rack

    Bailey crutch and cane rack accommodate up to 30 pair of crutches, with single rod storeage upto 10 canes.
    Earn 212 Points ($2.10)

    Bailey transfer board

      Bailey wheelchair transfer board has smooth and natural finish available in multiple sizes and with or without handholds.
      Earn 44 Points ($0.40)

      Bailey rocker balance square

        Bailey rocker balancing square with 5 inch height and covered with carpet.
        Earn 103 Points ($1.00)

        Bailey foot placement ladder

          Bailey foot placement ladder comes with adjustable cross bars for different length steps.
          Earn 197 Points ($2.00)

          Bailey child variable balance beam

            Bailey balance beam is made with solid hardwood walking beams and hardwood bases.
            Earn 116 Points ($1.20)

            Bailey child convertible balance beam set

              Bailey balance beam has 2 bases, beam and rubber matting on the bottom to prevent slipping.
              Earn 118 Points ($1.20)
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              Select up to 4 items to compare.