Clinton Physical Therapy Equipment

Clinton Physical Therapy Equipment includes but not limited to bolsters, wedges, weight racs and much more offers best values in its class while performing therapy or exercise at schools, gym and therapy centers. The equipments are built tough for the rigors of every day physical therapy use to meet a wide range of user needs.
10 Products

Clinton pillow for treatment table

    PillowS for treatment table comes with knit-backed, sewn vinyl cover which is easy to clean and maintain.
    Earn 39 Points ($0.40)

    Clinton bolster

    Clinton bolster is the perfect when rehabilitating patients using physical therapy and personal training techniques.
    Earn 77 Points ($0.80)

    Clinton wedge positioning pillow

      Clinton Positioning Wedge Pillow is used for posture adjustment, proper positioning during exercise, pressure relief, and stress/pain support.
      Earn 118 Points ($1.20)

      Clinton Astoria MaxRac

        Earn 964 Points ($9.60)

        Clinton Bayside MaxRac

          Earn 1025 Points ($10.30)

          Clinton Zeus SuperRac

            Earn 1447 Points ($14.50)

            Clinton CabinetRac with Doors

              CabinetRac is versatile, multi-item weight/storage cabinet with 2 locking doors.
              Earn 602 Points ($6.00)

              Clinton Combo Mirror Cuff Weight and Dumbbell Rack

                Clinton Rac with sleek designed cuff weight/dumbbell rac and mirror combo provides easy access, and storage.
                Earn 552 Points ($5.50)

                Clinton Combo Weight MirrorRac

                  Combo Weight/MirrorRac can be used to hold dumbbells, cuff weights, and exercise bands.
                  Earn 506 Points ($5.10)

                  Clinton Slim, Weight Rac Kiosk

                    Earn 401 Points ($4.00)
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                    Select up to 4 items to compare.