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Headpod head support system is an ideal solution for users with poor head stability. Headpod wheelchair head rest is clinically proven with its unique features in providing strength to neck muscles.Buy Headpod at unbeatable rates only at Medicaleshop!
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Headpod Dynamic Head Support System

  • It provides a focused and balanced posture in users
  • Allows for head mobility and rotation in order to achieve a vertical and physiological head posture
  • Helps to prevent musculoskeletal abnormalities, contractures, and the pain that goes along with them
  • It improves pulmonary ventilation, and helps to prevent problems including respiratory failure, pneumonia, and bronchiectasis
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Head Active Dynamic Head Support - Standard

  • For use with seating systems, activity chairs and standers with headrests
  • It has rigid "clamp on" mounting bracket to attach to headrests or rigid backs
  • Tower arm extension and two adjustable sized headbands to fit a range of children and adults
Earn 464 Points ($4.60)
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