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Sanisnooze Mattresses have a waterproof membrane protector as well as a secondary fluid barrier which provides solution for every age group and incontinence issues. All SaniSnooze mattresses are designed with cleanliness and comfort in mind. SaniSnooze is 100% fluid proof for easy cleanup and will keep your mattress core clean and dry throughout the night.
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SaniSnooze Cloud Incontinence Mattress

  • Made with gel-infused 8" thick memory foam
  • Most comfortable waterproof mattress, with three layers of foam
  • Provides excellent pressure redistribution and cool gel technology
  • Cloud XL is ideal for heavy adults with chronic incontinence and bedwetting
Earn 543 Points ($5.40)

SaniSnooze Moon Incontinence Mattress

  • Density of 1.5 lbs. in an 8" core foam made of polyurethane
  • A mattress with dual-sided foam design that increases longevity
  • Composed of polyurethane foam, ensuring a restful night's sleep
  • A secondary fluid-proof barrier keeps the mattress core dry throughout the night
Earn 458 Points ($4.60)

SaniSnooze Sky Incontinence Mattress

  • Ideal for people who struggle with either short-term or chronic incontinence
  • Secondary fluid proof barrier provides assurance that mattress will remain dry all night long
  • Constructed with a foam core that is 8" thick and consists of two separate foam layers for added comfort and support
  • The cover protects mattress core from fluids and keeping household allergens, mold, mildew, moisture, dust mites and bed bugs from entering the mattress core
Earn 480 Points ($4.80)

SaniSnooze Bedtime Kids Incontinence Mattress

  • Antibacterial bedwetting mattress for toddlers and young kids
  • Secondary fluid proof barrier keeps mattress core dry all night long
  • The mattress can be quickly and easily cleaned up for all potty training messes
  • Mattress Cover assists in preventing the entry of household allergens, mold, mildew, moisture, dust mites, and bed bugs into the mattress core
Earn 355 Points ($3.60)

SaniSnooze Scholar Incontinence Mattress

  • Various size available to accommodate user weight up to 300 lbs.
  • Provides ultimate comfort and assures the mattress will remain dry
  • Constructed with a soft-touch waterproof cover over a 6" deep, firm foam core
  • The ideal mattress for adolescents and young adults who suffer from enuresis and nightly bedwetting
Earn 395 Points ($4.00)
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