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Savaria Lifts

Savaria carries monarch portable ceiling lift which is one of the lightest product in the market weighing only 11 lbs. Monarch ceiling lift is perfect for rental properties, multi-room, temporary or short-term use and it can be used as a flexible alternative to fixed overhead hoists.
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Savaria Portable ceiling lift with freestanding complete kit

  • Track is unobtrusive and space saving, has thinnest base size
  • Durable and strong - safely lifts persons weighing up to 440 lbs.
  • Unique spreader bar includes industry leading Secure Sling Mechanism designed
  • Complete kit includes - Trolley, Portable ceiling lift and Free standing support system
Earn 5195 Points ($52.00)

Savaria PL Portable Ceiling Lift

  • An ideal set up for patient transfer from bed to wheelchair
  • High quality lithium ion battery delivers 50% more cycles per charge
  • Lightweight Portable lift only weighs 11 lbs. moved from room to room
  • Can be used with Savaria’s Ganrty for a semi-permanent overhead lift
Earn 2903 Points ($29.00)

Savaria Semi-permanent track

Earn 2675 Points ($26.80)

Savaria Universal Mesh Sling with Adjustable Head Support

  • It has a safe working load of 600 lbs.
  • Is intended for everyday patient handling routines
  • Provides comfort and support to the users head during transfers
  • Provides support for everyday handling routines, such as bed and chair related transfers
Earn 221 Points ($2.20)

Savaria Toileting/Hygiene Sling - Solid

  • This is an institutional quality sling
  • It has a safe working load of 600 lbs.
  • Intended for everyday patient handling
  • Designed for toileting, dressing and undressing clients
Earn 221 Points ($2.20)

Savaria Lithium ion, 25.2V 2500 mAh battery for portable ceiling lift

Earn 386 Points ($3.90)

Savaria Hand Control for Portable Ceiling Lift

Savaria Hand Control for Portable Ceiling Lift to lower and uplift the lift with a button on the hand control connected through a cable.
Earn 165 Points ($1.70)

Savaria Reacher for Portable Ceiling Lift

Savaria reacher for portable ceiling lift is an arm extender for the elderly and special needs individuals.
Earn 226 Points ($2.30)

Savaria 29.4 VDC Charger for Portable Ceiling Lift

Savaria 29.4 VDC Charger is a charger for Portable Ceiling Lift with a new style chord.
Earn 149 Points ($1.50)
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