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Span America

As an authorized dealer for Span America, Medicaleshop proudly offers an extensive selection of patient transfer lifts & slings, wheelchair cushions, APS mattresses, and hospital beds. Our products are designed to enhance patient comfort and promote optimal care. Whether you're a caregiver, healthcare professional, or patient, trust Span America for reliable solutions that prioritize safety, comfort, and overall well-being. Experience the difference with Span America products, available at Medicaleshop, your trusted source for exceptional healthcare equipment.
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Span America Geo-Mattress Pro

  • Air layer aids in pressure management
  • Shear to underlying tissues is decreased by the top layer
  • Helps the skin to release heat and moisture into the atmosphere
  • Zoned construction on a single layer provides exceptional value for facilities on a tight budget
Earn 319 Points ($3.20)

Span America Pressureguard Span-Care Convertible Mattress

Therapy Provided:

Non-powered (Air) Reactive Pressure Redistribution With control unit added:
Alternating Pressure
Lateral Rotation¹
Powered Pressure Redistribution
Earn 1109 Points ($11.10)

Span America Pressureguard Apm2 Safety Supreme Mattress

Therapy Provided:

Powered Pressure Redistribution
Alternating Pressure
Lateral Rotation¹
Raised Safety Perimeter
Earn 1587 Points ($15.90)

Span America Geo-Matt Contour Cushion

  • It is a therapeutic positioning seat cushion
  • Durafilm incontinence-proof coating is ultra-lightweight
  • Geo-Matt cut top layer reduces pressure, heat, and moisture
  • Contoured leg channels with center abductor provides excellent patient positioning
Earn 96 Points ($1.00)

Span America F500P Full Body Power Patient Lift

  • Can be used to lift patient from floor
  • Overload protection with visual/audible alert
  • Manual emergency lowering for added safety
  • Easy base width adjustment with locked position
Earn 1530 Points ($15.30)

Span America universal sling with head support

  • Full body supportive sling
  • Sling is designed for use with the F500P full body patient lift
  • Designed to be used for transfers from a bed to a chair, wheelchair, or toilet, chair to chair, or from the floor to a bed or chair
Earn 212 Points ($2.10)
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