Drafting & Art Tables

Drafting Tables and Art Tables are available in a variety of tabletop options that are extremely durable and proves to be a good choice for most art and drafting classrooms. These tables are commonly used by students for writing and drawing conveniently as few can be tilted/adjusted according to the needs.
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Knob Adjusted Adjustable Worktable

    Knob adjusted adjustable worktable with high range of adjustability for mlti-purpose environment
    Earn 292 Points ($2.90)

    Knob Adjusted Adjustable Worktable with Tilt

    Earn 471 Points ($4.70)

    Diversified Spaces Drawing/CAD Table

    Earn 1627 Points ($16.30)

    Diversified Spaces 2-Piece Adjustable Drafting Table

    Earn 834 Points ($8.30)

    Diversified Spaces Adjustable Height Table

    Earn 1196 Points ($12.00)

    Diversified Spaces Four Station Drawing Table

    Earn 567 Points ($5.70)

    Diversified Spaces Adjustable Drawing Table

    Wooden drawing table made with solid wood and maple wood. Two table top options are available with 30 degree tilt option.
    Earn 635 Points ($6.40)

    Diversified Spaces Height Adjustable Table

    Earn 939 Points ($9.40)

    Diversified Spaces Laminate Art/Planning Table

    Art and Planning table 42" D x 60" W x 30" H, made with maple wood and laminated top.
    Earn 945 Points ($9.50)
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    Select up to 4 items to compare.