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Span America Geo-Mattress with wings

Span America Geo-Mattress therapeutic raised perimeter mattress with wings has raised perimeter features a tissue-friendly Geo-Matt surface from edge to edge. By gently urging the user away from the edge of the bed, its tissue-friendly raised perimeter can help reduce the risk of accidental falls.

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Span America Geo-Mattress with wings fills in the space between the bottom of the side rail and the mattress surface, helping to prevent impingement of extremities. It cradles the resident and helps to prevent injury by discouraging independent exits from bed and gently urging user away from danger positions near the edge of the mattress. By gently urging the user away from the edge of the bed, its tissue-friendly raised perimeter can help reduce the risk of accidental falls. When bed rails are in place, Geo-Mattress with wings can help keep the user away from potentially hazardous positions between the rail and the mattress, as well as from contact with the rails themselves.

  • Extra-firm edge bolster
  • Shearing protection at transfer opening
  • Helps prevent impingement of extremities
  • Raised perimeter features tissue-friendly Geo-Matt surface from edge-to-edge
Raised perimeter:
  • Designed to reduce the need for restraints
  • Prompts user safely away from edge of bed
  • Perimeter of Geo-Mattress® foam for skin integrity
  • Reduces risk of dangerous falls or side-rail entrapment
Geo-matt style foam topper:
  • More than 800 individually-articulating cells
  • 2" deep topper reduces shear to underlying tissues
  • Redistributes pressure, reduces heat and skin moisture buildup
Heel slope:
  • Heels are the second most common site for pressure ulcers, second only to the sacrum
  • Heel slope distributes pressure over lower leg, reducing pressure on the vulnerable heel
Ring of air:
  • Enhances foam conformance to the body
  • Layer of air assists in pressure management
  • Helps to disperse heat and moisture away from skin into atmosphere
Quick facts:
  • Decreased mobility
  • General patient population
  • Moderate to high risk for skin breakdown
  • Repositions frequently by self or caregiver
  • Patients at fall risk due to independent exits from bed
Key advantages:
  • Heel Slope
  • Extra-firm edge bolster
  • Edge-to-edge antishearing surface
  • Shearing protection at transfer opening

Certified Compliance: Span offers Fire Barrier Versions (FBV) of all Geo-Mattress® therapeutic foam and PressureGuard® air therapy surfaces. These versions are identified with a “-29” suffix, indicating they are equipped with an inner fire barrier sleeve. They have been certified to meet the new federal standard, as well as existing standards Cal TB 603 and 129, NFPA Life Safety Code 101, ASTM E 1590, 16 CFR 1632, and Boston IX-11.

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SKU SAW7535-29
Model W7535-29
Brands Span America
Technical Specifications
Span America Geo-Mattress with wings
Length 75", 80", 84"
Width 35"
Height 6”center, 8” side
Weight capacity 400 lbs.
Mattress weight 24 lbs.

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Regular Price: $1,247.28

Special Price $327.66

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