Tilt Wheelchairs for Kids

The tilt wheelchairs help facilitate respiration, feeding, and digestion and provide relief from pressure due to long hours of seating. The Tilt-in-Space wheelchair doesn’t disturb the angle of the user’s body; only the seat is tilted backward. By moving the pressure off the hips and onto a bigger surface area, the caregiver doesn’t need to keep readjusting the user into the seated position. Additionally, this prevents the user from developing bedsores and eases back pain. Considerations when selecting the optimal mobility base include the need for growth, length of time in the seat, size when folded, transit options, and ability to provide appropriate postural support. For long seating hours, you can now shop for pressure relief wheelchair cushions at the best deals on Medicaleshop.
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Drive Medical Kanga 2G Pediatric Tilt-in-Space Wheelchair

Drive Medical Kanga kids wheelchair for kids and young adults with adjustable back, folding and adjustable frame.
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