Special Needs Beds

Special Needs Beds are designed to provide a comfortable night’s sleep for children with special needs, the disabled, the medically fragile, and people who require more security during sleep, providing them a safe sleeping environment. Medicaleshop offers a variety of special needs beds from trusted brands, including SleepSafe beds , Beds by George , The Safetysleeper , Noah's world bed and Pedicraft . These beds are ideal for children with cerebral palsy, autism, Down syndrome, Angelman syndrome, and other developmental disabilities. These beds feature high side rails and enclosed canopies to prevent entrapment and promote a sense of security. SleepSafe Beds comes with various size options including twin size , queen size or full size and many more features to choose from. Beds by George offers two distinctive series that includes dream series and slumber series . Closed Canopy Beds, also known as enclosed safety beds, are designed to provide a safe and secure sleeping environment for individuals with behavioral or sensory issues. These beds feature a closed canopy design with head elevation crank , fixed mattress support , and height adjustability . For energetic children who need a place to get away, zPod sensory bed provides a perfect escape space for children with autism or other sleeping disorders.