Special Needs Seating

Seating and positioning are required to improve comfort, independence, and quality of life. The assistive devices under seating and positioning assist in pressure relief and postural support. It can be categorized into classroom activity chairs for kids to maintain proper posture and positioning, floor sitters that provide support and helps in developing social skills and speech, and therapy benches that help the child get involved in classroom activities and learning. You can explore the below-listed categories to understand the product's functionality. Activity chairs, floor sitters, and therapy benches are: used in most educational institutions in the United States.
Children with medical needs should consult medical professionals like occupational therapists or physical therapists to get the measurements and analysis of their needs and the products that are best suited for them. For any product-related information, Medicaleshop is here to help! Call us at (866) 563-6812 or email csteam@medicaleshop.com.