Helmets and Neck Supports

Protective helmets and neck supports are helpful in the correct positioning of the head, improving breathing, swallowing, feeding, and social interaction. They come in different forms and sizes to meet the end-user needs. Most of the helmets and neck support are shock-absorbent soft foam which eliminates the danger of coming in contact with any hard material. The Neck-Support around the collar supports the head by providing base support areas at the occipital and jawline. People with limited head control and seizures are recommended to use special needs protective helmets and neck supports to protect the head from injuries and provide the correct positioning. Medicaleshop also carries infant and young born caps because babies can't control their head movement because their neck muscles are less developed. Unlike grown-ups, their center of gravity is closer to their heads than their torsos. It also helps the babies avoid head injuries while they crawl or learn to walk.