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Symmetric designs T.O.T. collar

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Symmetric designs TOT Collar™ is an effective therapy aid for infant muscular torticollis and is designed to provide a stimulus to the lateral aspect of the skull. The user moves away from this stimulus towards a new central corrected position. Adoption of a new, normal head position provides exceptional ability to reset perception of horizontal and so maintain a head in a corrected position. TOT collar is added to the conservative treatment of infants with congenital muscular torticollis especially if they are 4 months of age or older and show a consistent head tilt of 5 degrees or more.

A loop of soft PVC tubing is bridged by two short nylon tubes. There are varying sizes of tubes provided with the collar and these tubes are positioned anterior and posterior to the crest of the trapezius. The PVC tubing is fastened with a connecting strap and a spare velcro strap is also included. TOT collar is non-toxic and washable.

Fitting Instructions

TOT Collar is already assembled and ready to fit for torticollis treatment. Collar is made of clear pvc tubing that is supplied at twice the circumference of the neck, plus 4"-6". It is joined with an end connector. White tubes or struts are selected according to the amount of lateral tilt of the head.

  • Tube A spans from posterior to the crest of the trapezius to the occiput.
  • Tube B from anterior to the crest of the trapezius to below the tip of the mastoid process. Avoid pressure on the mandible.
  • Collar tubes are short to start with and replaced by longer tubes as correction is achieved. If there is a significant amount of tilt then use very short tubes initially. For correct fit, the infant should be holding his or her head in midline, slightly away from the struts, and there should be room for at least one adult finger to fit between the top clear pvc tubing and the neck.

    Fit the Collar loosely at first and ensure that the lateral tubes are the correct length and on the correct side. Snug up the collar by hand to check the fit.

    Remove the Collar from the child. Pull through the clear pvc tubing to remove the excess. Trim this tubing to length with scissors and reconnect with the end connector. Replace the Collar after each trim to check the fit.

    Note: Be careful not to cut off too much of the clear tubing. It cannot be reconnected if cut too short.

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