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The Safety Sleeper enclosed canopy bed

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The Safety Sleeper is a fully enclosed bed system which will provide the peace of mind knowing that user is secure, tucked safely away from any danger. The Safety Sleeper does not only help prevent user from unattended wandering, but also empowers him to wind down and go to sleep on his own by reducing visual stimulation and the opportunity to play or roam.


The Safety Sleeper is built from durable materials to stand up against melt-downs, jumping, pulling, pushing or anything else user may attempt during activity and play while winding down for the night.


The Safety Sleeper travels with you. The Safety Sleeper bed system is portable, so user will feel right at home wherever your travels may take you.

Custom build:

The Safety Sleeper offers a variety of custom solutions to make your bed system the most comfortable and secure it can be for user.

Safe and Secure:

The Safety Sleeper beds go above and beyond safety to offer your family additional levels of security so everyone can rest easy all night long.

  • Extra safety zipper system provides extra safety at each entrance of The Safety Sleeper bed. A hook & loop system is connected to the zipper head of each entrance and is secured to the roof of the enclosure. This ensures user cannot accidently open the enclosed bed and fall into a dangerous situation.
  • The fire retardant material adds an extra level of security. The fire retardant material slows down the spread of the fire and improves the opportunity for safe escape.
  • The stabilizing straps secure The Safety Sleeper to any twin or full size bed frames to eliminate tipping and moving of the bed.
  • The coverlets offer a variety of benefits from easy removal for washing and changing to eliminating the threat of entrapment. This coverlet ensures that nothing can slip between the mattress and The Safety Sleeper enclosure.
  • Additional back zipper webbing so user cannot get to any of the opening mechanisms from inside the bed; The Safety Sleeper completely contains user in a secure non-threatening structure.
  • Extra frame padding to add another layer of safety and soft comfort for user.
  • Double stitching to ensure the enclosures will stand the test of time and wear and tear.
Perfect in size:

The Safety Sleeper is large enough so that user can move around comfortably yet small enough that you don’t have to re-arrange the whole bedroom around their bed.


  • Twin size: 39" width x 75" length
  • Double size: 54" width x 75" length
  • Queen size: 60" width x 79" length
  • 100% breathable polyester, fire retardant fabric
  • All Safety Sleepers include: stabilizing straps, travel case and air mattress
  • Frame made of aluminum tube, nylon fittings, stainless steel & carbon steel hardware
ModelNamePackage details
SSTW200 Standard Twin/Single size bed One side entry, Two coverlets, Frame pads
SSFL200 Standard Full/Double size bed One side entry, Two coverlets, Frame pads
SSTW300 Deluxe Twin/Single size bed One left side entry,  Frame pads, One end of bed entry, Access points, Two coverlets
SSFL300 Deluxe Full/Double size bed One left side entry,  Frame pads, One end of bed entry, Access points, Two coverlets
SSTW400 Professional Twin/Single size bed Convertible side entry, Frame pads, Two coverlets, Access points
SSFL400 Professional Full/Double size bed Convertible side entry, Frame pads, Two coverlets, Access points
SSQN500 Queen size bed Convertible side entry, Frame pads, Two coverlets, Access points, One end of bed entry

The Safety SleeperTM One-Year Limited Warranty:

  • The travel suitcase is not built product of manufacturer and is not covered under this Limited Warranty.
  • A purchase receipt or other proof of original purchase date will be required before warranty performance is rendered.

Warranty covers failures due to manufacturing defects which occur during normal use.

  • Manufacturer is not responsible for normal wear and tear, abuse, mistreatment or damages due to washing and shredded or worn fabrics in areas of usage.
  • Warranty is good for One (1) year from the date of delivery.
  • Manufacturer will provide the material and labor to repair any flaws due to manufacturer defect; in this event manufacturer will cover shipping.
  • There are no other express oral or written warranties with respect to this product, and all warranties implied by law, including any warranties of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose, are limited to their duration to the One (1) year warranty period.
  • Manufacturer can repair anything not covered by the warranty in the event that The Safety Sleeper is damaged on your part, the cost for materials, labor and shipping will be estimated on a custom basis.
  • No jumping or climbing: these actions may damage your safety sleeper and void the warranty!
  • Parts under warranty will be covered at no cost. Any labor cost for service under warranty is not covered as per our terms of sale.
  • The product warranty is applicable as per the terms and conditions given by the product manufacturer.
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We do not accept returns unless it's a manufacturer's defect or the bed was damaged in shipping.