Hi-Lo Treatment Tables

Hi-lo Treatment Tables are height adjustable tables with hi-lo feature. Hi-Lo Treatment Tables offers full height adjustment and section mobility so the patient can be placed in the proper position for maximum results with minimum effort. Hi-lo tables come with options like foot switch control, Bar Activated Switch, Single Pedestal, side rails etc.
51 Products

Armedica AM-SX 1000 treatment table

    Armedica AM-SX 1000 hi-lo table features a contoured face cutout that allows for prone lying.
    Earn 1592 Points ($15.90)

    Armedica AM-SX 3500 treatment table

      Armedica AM-SX 3500 is a three piece top section treatment table with a head section, a center section & a foot section.
      Earn 1883 Points ($18.80)

      Armedica AM-200 treatment table

        Earn 1767 Points ($17.70)

        Armedica AM-240 bo-bath bariatric treatment table

          Earn 2257 Points ($22.60)

          Armedica AM-300 treatment table

            Armedica AM-300 is a height adjustable treatment table with 400 lbs. weight capacity providing comfort & easy access to clients getting on and off the table.
            Earn 2040 Points ($20.40)

            Armedica AM-334 bariatric treatment table

              Earn 2368 Points ($23.70)

              Armedica AM-350 treatment table

                Earn 1954 Points ($19.50)

                Armedica AM-353 treatment table

                  Earn 1838 Points ($18.40)

                  Armedica AM-550 treatment table

                    Earn 2073 Points ($20.70)

                    Armedica AM-BA 150 treatment table

                      Armedica AM-BA 150 treatment table is constructed of heavy duty steel tube that allows adjustment of the table height.
                      Earn 1831 Points ($18.30)

                      Armedica AM-BA 300 treatment table

                        Earn 2219 Points ($22.20)

                        Armedica AM-BA 334 bariatric treatment table

                          Earn 2528 Points ($25.30)
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