Recovery Couches

Recovery Couches in a variety of styles with comfortable, padded and easy-to-clean upholstery. The recovery couches are ideal for any medical facility, athletic training centers, schools or rehab centers to provide users a comfortable space for resting, therapy and treatment to withstand heavy and repeated usage for a variety of applications.
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Clinton chrome-leg recovery couch

    Chrome-leg recovery couch is a high-quality recovery couch with solid, dual-frame construction.
    Earn 403 Points ($4.00)

    Clinton hardwood leg recovery couch

      Hardwood Leg Couch made of dual frame construction with separate base & headrest sections
      Earn 403 Points ($4.00)

      Clinton panel leg recovery couch with full shelf

        Earn 572 Points ($5.70)

        Clinton recovery couch with sliding doors

          Earn 811 Points ($8.10)

          Clinton upholstered apron recovery couch with double drawer storage

            Earn 775 Points ($7.80)

            Hausmann Recovery Couch with Adjustable Headrest

              Earn 839 Points ($8.40)

              Hausmann 7011 24" x 72" Econo-Line Recovery Couch

                24"x72" Econo-Line recovery couch is a stylish and functional couch which is ideal for any school or health facility.

                Earn 439 Points ($4.40)
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                Select up to 4 items to compare.