Varilite Zoid Cushion

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Varilite Zoid Cushion is a low profile, adjustable skin protection cushion designed for users who are at moderate risk of tissue breakdown. Zoid air-foam floatation cushion is coupled with multi-stiffness foam to deliver superior pressure distribution. A valve releases air to immerse the user in the foam, the foam conforms to the user, and the user's distributes the user's weight over the surface of the cushion. The tapered design, low profile, comfort and stability makes the lightweight zoid cushion a perfect choice for active wheelchair users.

Four-way stretch

There are 2 types of fabric bonded to Zoid foam. Four-way stretch knit is used on the top for maximum conformity during immersion, and nylon fabric is used on the bottom for added strength and durability. Both the fabrics are puncture & water resistant.

Air & Foam floatation

Functional areas of the cushion are created by 3 types of foam: soft foam for the decubitus-sensitive area of the ITs; medium foam fo main seat support area; and firm for the perimeter. Bonding Zoid foam to coated fabric makes the cushion hold air.

Positioning supports

Extra-firm, beveled foam increases lateral stability and sitting balance, while a large ischial pan protects the pelvis in both anterior and posterior pelvic tilt positions. No medial thigh separator means lower extremities can drift naturally into midline for better fit in a tapered chair.


Zoid is available with either mesh or incontinence cover. Mesh cover is made of four-way-stretch mesh while the Incontinence cover wicks the moisture away from the skin & protects cushion inside. Reticulated foam inside promotes air exchange and improves pressure distribution. The underside is a rugged nonslip material with hook and loop for added security. Both the covers are machine washable.

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Note Custom and Non-Standard size cushions ordered are not returnable.

Varilite Zoid Cushion
Cushion Composition Air-Foam Floatation
Base Composition No Base
Height 2.9" (Preloaded State)
Cushion Weight 1.9 lbs. (18" x 18")
Valve Type Standard
Chamber Single
Weight capacity (depends on size) 250 lbs. - 750 lbs.
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Q: How do Varilte cushions work?

A: Air in a Varilite cushion supports the load, while foam keeps the air where it's needed and preserves the cushion shape. Learn more about the Varilite Air-Foam technology

Q: How is the cushion adjusted properly?


  • For both Pressure Setting Valve (PSV) and standard valves, begin with the cushion fully inflated and valve closed. Transfer onto the cushion.
  • For a PSV, turn the valve clockwise until the pre-determined number appears in the indicator window. Air will escape until the valve automatically shuts off (approximately 10-15 seconds). Once the valve has shut off the release of air, close the valve by turning it clockwise. See PSV operating instructions for more information.
  • For a standard valve, slowly turn the valve counterclockwise to release the air. Listen for a change in pitch and close the valve by turning clockwise. Air level is determined by the amount of support or stability needed by the user, comfort, and activity level. See seating system instructions for more information.

Q: Why do some seat cushions have an indentation?

A: The cushion is designed to indent in the sacral-ischial area. The soft, less firm foam of the sacral-ischial area, by design, exerts less "push back" on the cushion fabric than the surrounding firmer foam. See Sacral-ischial foam indentation detailed information

Q: Will a 16" x 18" cushion fit in a 17" x 18" chair?

A: No. Select the cushion that is 1" larger. For example if your wheelchair size is 17" x 18", select an 18" x 18" cushion. The cushion will accommodate the 1" size difference without affecting its performance.

Q: Are Varilite cushions available in custom sizes?

A: Varilite cushions are available in a wide range of widths and depths. Size selection is frequently updated to meet the needs of customers. Standard sizes often accommodate custom wheelchairs well. If you need a size that is not currently available, select the cushion that is 1" larger as explained in the above question.

Q: How do I maintain my Varilite seating system and back support?

A: We recommend that you leave the valve open and allow the cushion to fully inflate overnight at least once a week to maintain optimal cushion performance and foam integrity. Check your cushion's inflation level daily to ensure optimal seating and positioning.

Q: What is the weight capacity for Varilite seat cushions?


Cushion sizeWeight capacity
12 x 8250 lbs.
12 x 12300 lbs.
12 x 14325 lbs.
14 x 14400 lbs.
14 x 16450 lbs.
16 x 16500 lbs.
16 x 18575 lbs.
17 x 17575 lbs.
18 x 16575 lbs.
16 x 20650 lbs.
18 x 18650 lbs.
20 x 16650 lbs.
18 x 20725 lbs.
20 x 18725 lbs.
20 x 20750 lbs.
22 x 18750 lbs.
22 x 20750 lbs.
24 x 18750 lbs.
24 x 20750 lbs.

Q: What do I do if I get a hole in my cushion?

A: Although the bladder of the cushion is puncture-resistant, it is not puncture-proof. If you do get a hole in your cushion, there are two options; either request for a repair kit or send it for repair. See warranty for more information.

Q: Is there any latex in Varilite cushions or covers?

A: No.

Q: What do I do if the valve breaks or comes loose?

A: If the valve breaks or comes loose, you can request a valve replacement kit or you may send it for repair. See warranty for more information.