Wheelchair Cushions for Pressure Distribution, Skin Protection & Positioning

A pressure-relief wheelchair cushion is a must-have for anyone using a wheelchair. Not only does it provide comfort, but it also helps to maintain pelvic position, relieve pressure, and support the user to prevent sliding forward. Pressure sores, serious injury, and lack of correct positioning can all be the reason for an inadequate pressure-relief cushion, so make sure you choose the right wheelchair cushion per the end user's needs. Please note: change your cushions every three years to avoid unwanted injuries. The wheelchair cushions are available in different forms and types per the seating and positioning needs of the individual. The size of the wheelchair cushions solely depends on the wheelchair of the user, and the thickness depends on the user's needs because too thick cushions wouldn't be the right choice for traveling purposes. Please consult a medical professional to get the right suggestion for your wheelchair cushion. The size of the pressure relief cushions depends on the size of the wheelchair.
For seating and positioning measurements, please refer to the measurement guide. The size of the wheelchair cushions is customizable as per the user's specifications. Please note that the customized wheelchair cushions are not returnable.