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Koru Precision Flow Rate Tubing

$10.80 to $518.40

There are a variety of administration sets (Precision Flow Rate Tubing) available for use with the Freedom system. KORU?s flow rate sets are manufactured with high-quality standards to provide accurate flow profiles and consistent delivery of medication. They feature a safety-disk end, which locks the syringe into the FREEDOM60 pump during operation and assures the correct tubing is being used. Each set is labeled to assure correct flow rate.


  • Safe and Accurate
    • Designed for consistent flow rates, with no free-flow, bolus or overdose of medication
    • Luer disc helps prevent contamination. Freedom Syringe Drivers are designed not to work unless a set with this disc is present
    • Low residual volumes and precise tubing dimensions help to achieve desired flow rate
    • Emergency slide clamp included with every set
    • Made in the USA with highest level of quality control for defect-free product
  • Versatile and Consistent:
    • Can be used for various administrations
    • Combine different flow rate tubings to achieve custom flow rate
    • Sets from F0.5-F2400 offer precise infusion rates for variety of administration times
    • Use the KORU Flow Rate Calculator, korucalculator.com, to help determine the appropriate tubing set for desired infusion duration
    • li>Low residual volumes
    • Consistent delivery of medication
    • Full therapeutic dose without wasted drug, ≤ 0.16 ml

How to use Precision Flow Rate Tubing sets:

  • Connect Syringe: Connect the luer discend of the tubing setto the syringe.
  • Connect Set: Connect the male endof the tubing set to theindwelling catheter (IV)or needle set (Sub-q)
  • Check Luer Disc: When inserting the syringeinto syringe driver, make surethe tubing luer disc is fullyseated in the driver?s nose.
  • Emergency: To immediately stop flow, in an emergency, pull the tubing through the slide clamp

Eliminating & Troubleshooting Site Reactions

When patients are trained correctly, site reactions could become a rare occurrence. If site reactionsdo occur, patients can experience redness, irritation, drug leakage, itching, pain, and discomfort.
  • Flow Rate Selecting the proper Precision Flow Rate Tubing is important when starting SCIgtherapy. It may be trial and error to find which flow rate works best for your patient(s).If a patient is experiencing site reactions, a slower flow rate tubing set is recommended.
  • Needle LengthIf the selected needle is too short and the opening is too close to the dermis, siteirritation and leaking may occur. The opening of the needle should be well withinthe sub-q tissue. Needle length should be determined according to how muchsub-q tissue a patient has. Both 9 and 12 mm needles tend to work well withaverage sized patients; while 6 mm needles may be needed for very thin adultsand children. Similarly, larger patients may require 14 mm needles. Make sureneedles are dry at time of insertion, as leaking can cause irritation to the site.
  • Drug Volume Every body-type is different. Patients with more adipose/fatty tissue will beable to accept Ig easier. Thinner patients may experience longer infusion timesand more substantial site reactions. You must weigh the volume per site againstthe subcutaneous tissue you have available to work with. Many times, spreadingthe volume out to more sites will help keep volume per site low and caneliminate site reactions
  • Site Location The abdomen is the most common place to infuse, but the upper buttocks/sideof upper hips, the outer side of the thighs, and back of the upper arms are alsoused. It is important that the chosen site(s) have a good amount of sub-q tissue.Some medications require that sites be 2+ inches apart, and that needles areinserted at a 90ø angle. If and how to rotate infusion sites should be a subjectfor discussion between the patient and healthcare provider. Better results maybe achieved by periodically returning to sites that have worked well in the past
  • Adhesive DressingThe dressing used makes a difference. 3M Tegaderm dressing releases easilyfrom the skin when removed properly. To release the adhesive, pull and stretchit out horizontally parallel to skin. Any redness to skin should be only temporary


  • Accurate Infusion RatesLow residual volumes and precise dimensions help to achieve the desired flow rate.
  • Safe & ReliablePrecision is designed for uniform flow profiles, with no free-flow, bolus or overdose
  • Low Residual Volumes Consistent delivery of medication for a full therapeutic dose without expensive drug waste, ≤ 0.16ml.
  • Deliver in Minutes to DaysSets ranging from F0.5 - F2400 offer precise infusion rates for a variety of administration times.
  • Emergency Slide ClampImmediately stops flow, if needed. F-number printed on clamp to assure correct tubing set.
  • Luer DiscFor patient safety, Precision tubing features a safety luer disc that securely locks thetubing into syringe driver. Also helps to prevent contamination.
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