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Vitale Hydrogel Impregnated Dressing with Zinc

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Vitale Hydrogel Impregnated Dressings feature a soft gel impregnated into an absorbent dressing designed for direct wound contact. Hydrogel provides a moist wound environment which supports the body’s healing process & promote sautolytic debridement (removal of necrotic material from the wound) without damaging new tissue. The cotton dressing that holds the hydrogel allows removal of the entire dressing intact at dressing change time. Vitale Hydrogel Dressings are a primary dressing, and are most often used on wounds that are dry to moderate drainage. They should be covered with an occlusive or semi-occlusive secondary dressing that will maintain the moisture in the dressing & wound. Vitale Hydrogel Impregnated Dressings are sterilized by irradiation and must not be re-sterilized; the products are sterile unless the package is opened or damaged. Vitale Hydrogel Dressings are for single use only.

Indications: Vitale Hydrogel Impregnated Dressings can be use for wounds which are:

  • Skin Tears.
  • Pressure Sores.
  • Diabetic Ulcers.
  • Post-Operative Wounds.
  • Arterial or Venous Ulcers.
  • Wounds that need autolysis.


  • Vitale Hydrogel Dressings should be used under the supervision of a health care professional.
  • Do not use in cases of known sensitivity to Vitale Hydrogel Dressings or any of their components.
  • Vitale Hydrogel Dressings may be used on infected wounds under medical supervision and with appropriate therapy & frequent monitoring.


Preparing the Wound:Clean the wound carefully using Vitale Cleanser Spray or saline per existing clinical protocol. The skin surrounding the wound should be clean and dry. Prep the surrounding tissue with Vitale Skin Protective Wipes.

Applying the Dressing: Select a dressing that fits into the wound. If necessary, fold to adjust to wound size. Do not extend the dressing over the peri-wound tissue, to prevent maceration.

Carefully remove the dressing from the sterile package, applying the center of the dressing to the center of the wound, using clean technique.

Press gently, forming the dressing into the contours of the wound. Apply an occlusive or semi-occlusive secondary dressing. Changing the Dressing: Change daily, or more often, as needed. Change when the dressing is dry to keep a moist dressing in place. Change if leakage of exudate occurs through the secondary dressing.

If Vitale Hydrogel Dressings are used in the presence of necrotic tissue, the wound may appear to increase in size and depth during autolysis. This is a normal consequence of occlusive treatment. If the wound continues to get larger after the first few dressing changes, consult a healthcare professional.

Rinse with Vitale Cleanser Spray or saline before wound assessment and applying a new dressing.

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