Shower Chairs and Stools

Shower Chairs/Stools offer easy access and maneuverability when bathing. They are safe, convenient and reduce the risk of slipping and falling in the bathroom. They also provide greater safety, stability and additional comfort. They are lightweight, durable and corrosion resistant for long term use.
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Etac Stapel Bathroom Stool

    Etac stapel bathroom stool offers a simple, functional solution for shower or bathroom.
    Earn 95 Points ($1.00)

    Etac Swift Shower Stool/Chair

    The unique design of the Etac Swift shower stool allows it to adjust to uneven floors thanks to its flexible seat and ensure a secure grip.
    Earn 125 Points ($1.30)

    Etac Swift Shower Stool/Chair with Arm Supports

    Etac swift shower seat with arm support has good grip for uneven floors. Swift is also corrosion free.
    Earn 136 Points ($1.40)

    Etac Edge Shower Stool - Stable & Safe Three-Legged Stool

      Etac Edge shower stool is a stable and safe three-legged stool because of its unique design.
      Earn 83 Points ($0.80)

      Etac Easy Shower Stool - Height Adjustable Round Seat

        Etac Easy shower stool is easy to use, easy to move, a round seat is always in the right position.
        Earn 102 Points ($1.00)

        Etac Smart Shower Stool - Height Adjustable Rectangular Seat

          Etac bath stool made with polypropylene material, height adjustable and easy to assemble.
          Earn 106 Points ($1.10)

          Drive folding bath bench

            Earn 101 Points ($1.00)

            Etac Relax Shower Seat

            Etac Relax shower seat is a smart and elegant shower seat that folds nicely flat to the wall.
            Earn 174 Points ($1.70)

            Drive shower bench with removable padded arms

            Earn 144 Points ($1.40)

            Drive shower stool

              Earn 86 Points ($0.90)

              Drive portable bath step

                Earn 68 Points ($0.70)

                Drive deluxe aluminum shower bench without back

                  Earn 90 Points ($0.90)
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                  Select up to 4 items to compare.