I.V. Caps

Syringe caps play a crucial role in preventing contamination, leakage, and needle stick injuries, making them indispensable accessories in IV Supplies. Among our extensive collection of medical supplies, we offer a wide range of syringe caps that are crafted from durable materials, designed to fit securely onto syringes of different sizes and types. Whether you're administering medications, vaccines, or performing diagnostic tests, our syringe caps offer reliable protection and increases efficiency. We offer Dual function syringes, Luer lock Syringe Cap, Tamper evident tip caps, and many more. Enhance the safety and efficiency of your medical procedures with the convenience, reliability, and quality of syringe caps from MedicalShop. Browse our selection today and equip yourself with the essential accessories for safe and effective healthcare practices.

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McKesson Dual Function Syringe Blue Cap - 100/Box

    Earn 17 Points ($0.20)

    BD Syringe Luer Tip Cap


      Medline Luer-Lock Syringe Cap with Sterile Tip

      Earn 73 Points ($0.70)

      Monoject Syringe Tip Caps


        Truecare Signature Dual-Function Syringe Locking Cap

          Earn 28 Points ($0.30)

          McKesson Dual Function Syringe Red Cap - 100/Box

            Earn 17 Points ($0.20)

            Health Care Logistics Tamper Evident Tip Cap - 100/Box

            Earn 145 Points ($1.40)

            TrueCare Tamper Evident Caps

            Earn 133 Points ($1.30)
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            Select up to 4 items to compare.