I.V. Extension Sets

IV extension sets extend tubes that are used to supplement an existing IV delivery system. They are linked to an IV catheter in order to provide a greater distance between the patient and the fluid being administered. IV extension sets are made of PVC (flexible) tubing and are available in a range of lengths for maximum adaptability. Shop for IV extension sets at Medicaleshop.
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McKesson IV Extension Set Small Bore Without Filter Needle-free Port

    IV Extension Set McKesson Needle-Free Port Small Bore 7-1/2 Inch Tubing Without Filter Sterile

    Earn 1 Points ($0.00)

    Vygon Microbore Extension Set with Slide Clamp 36" L, 1-1/3mL Priming Volume

    Earn 220 Points ($2.20)

    Caresite IV Extension Set, Small Bore

      Earn 5 Points ($0.10)

      Lifeshield IV Extension Set Macro Bore Without Filter Sterile - 50/Case

      Earn 115 Points ($1.20)

      Mini-Vol Micro Bore Pump Extension Set without Port, Sterile - 50/Case

      Earn 134 Points ($1.30)

      MPS IV Extension Set Mini Bore without Filter, Sterile

      Earn 127 Points ($1.30)

      McKesson IV Extension Set With Filter, Regular Bore

        Earn 6 Points ($0.10)
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        Select up to 4 items to compare.