I.V. Poles

I.V Poles are designed  to enhance the efficiency and safety of your IV therapy procedures. Explore our extensive range of IV poles, including telescoping I.V Poles, adjustable height options, portable IV stands, and disposable aluminium IV stands. These IV poles are thoughtfully engineered to provide stability, mobility, and easy customization to accommodate different patient needs. Medicaleshop strives to make your procurement process seamless and cost-effective. With competitive pricing, a secure online shopping experience, and efficient delivery, we aim to simplify your experience when acquiring essential equipment.

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ProBasics IV Pole with 4-Leg and 2-Hook

    Earn 50 Points ($0.50)

    Lumex Bed Socket Telescoping I.V. Pole

      Earn 90 Points ($0.90)

      McKesson Disposable Aluminum IV Stand

        Earn 37 Points ($0.40)

        Clinton IV Pole Knob-Lock Adjustment Stainless Steel 60 to 100 Inch 4-Hook

        Earn 533 Points ($5.30)

        Medline Aluminium Deluxe Five Leg IV Pole


        McKesson IV Stand Twist Lock Steel 51-1/4 to 91-3/4 Inch Height 2-Hook

        Earn 78 Points ($0.80)

        Medline IV Pole Stainless Steel 73 to 99.5 Inch 4-Hook - 2/Case

        Earn 344 Points ($3.40)

        Medline Aluminum Foldable 5-Leg IV Pole

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        Select up to 4 items to compare.