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Leckey Squiggles Plus Stander

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Leckey Squiggles Plus Stander | Sunrise Medical

Medical Benefits of Standing Frame

Leckey Squiggles Plus stander is a 3-in-1 stander in which a special needs child can stand prone, upright, or supine. Sometimes it is critical to maintain the position, gravity aids the work of internal systems as we maintain an upright posture. Standing allows children to bear their weight through their bones and joints, helping to shape and strengthen them.

Standing seems to have a positive impact on the formation of hip joints. Standing allows to stretch tight muscles while still providing a different role. Standing is also important socially because it allows them to communicate with their peers at the same stage.

Squiggles Plus includes:

  • Footplates
  • Pivot Base
  • Tray attachment
  • Knee supports with cover
  • Chest & hip lateral supports
  • Standard model with support shell
  • Hip & chest support with sternum prompt

LECKEY Squiggles Plus Stander Additional & Optional Features

3-in-1 Design

Squiggles+ Stander is a 3-in-1 stander that allows you to stand prone, upright, or supine all in one product.

  • Supine support the back of the body while also providing lateral and anterior support to keep the body aligned.
  • Prone posture provides anterior protection and stability while promoting weight bearing and upper-extremity use.
  • Users that have strong balance and trunk control but are unable to stand independently can use the upright position.

Abduction of the hips:

  • Hip abduction of 60 degrees bilaterally is now possible.
  • With a measurement gauge to keep track of progress and ensure consistency.
  • As the legs pass across the arc of abduction, the hip laterals turn in time with them.

Pivot Base Improvements:

  • Improved pivot base allows for hip abduction and horizontal loading from 90 to 160 degrees.
  • The new foot pedal reduces caregiver effort while still providing a more stable platform for the child to be transferred to.

Design of Advanced Knee Support:

  • Larger, more stable medial knee supports.
  • Help to distribute pressure, particularly while standing in an abducted position.
  • Advanced wrap support keeps the knee in a neutral flexion or extension position.

Independent Footplates:

  • Individually adjustable footplates allow to change the height of each one.
  • This compensates for differences in leg length by providing strength to both legs.

Activity Tray:

  • Smallest users will use an activity tray with increased height and adjustability.
  • The tray with optional grab rail can be used to encourage tabletop activities when standing, whether prone or supine.

Height-Adjustable Push Handle:

  • A new height-adjustable push handle makes it easier to position the child for standing therapy.
  • The foldable, height-adjustable push handle can be lowered for prone use or folded for ergonomic use.
Leckey Squiggles Plus Stander
Age range: 1 - 5 years
Product height:
Stander support frame: 15.4"
Pivot base (Unfolded): 20.3"
Pivot base (Folded): 20.3"
Product width:
Stander support frame: 15.4"
Pivot base (Unfolded): 23.2"
Pivot base (Folded): 23.2"
Small sandal: 3"
Medium sandal: 2"
Product length:
Stander support frame: 26.8"
Pivot base (Unfolded): 37.4"
Pivot base (Folded): 26"
Small sandal: 6.3"
Medium sandal: 8.3"
Product weight:
Stander support frame: 14.3 lbs.
Pivot base weight: 14.3 lbs.
Product angle range: Prone: 90 - 70°
Supine: 90 - 160°
Chest support height: 21.7" - 32"
Chest width: (distance between laterals) 6.3" - 9"
Hip support height: (footplate to mid-buttocks) 11.8" - 20.8"
Hip width: (distance between hip guides) 6.3" - 9"
Distance between midline of knees: 5.5" - 8.4"
Footplate angle: Plantarflexion: 10°
Dorsiflexion: 10°
Tray height range: Prone: 21.9" - 31.5"
Supine: 18.5" - 31.5"
(footplate to top of tray)
Tray angle adjustment: Prone: 30°
Supine: 40°
Recommended user height: 29.5" - 43.5"
User weight capacity: 48.4 lbs.
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