Why standing frames are important?

Standing frames are for the individuals who are severely limited in their mobility due to disorder, disease or injury could also be helped greatly by standing for an hour or two as part of their daily therapy to both children and adults.

Medical benefits of standing are:

  Encourages bone and muscle health

  Helps in digestion and bowel movements

 Gives a new perspective and ways to participate

 Aids respiration and speech

 Helps relieve pressure created during sitting

 Supports pelvis, thighs and feet for everyday activities

 Provides opportunities to increase social skills

Who needs a standing frame?

Standing frames are successful to stand children, adolescents and adults who have:

  • Cerebral Palsy (Spastic Quadriplegics, Dystonia, Athetoid)

  • Spina-Bifida

  • Paraplegia

  • Tight Plantar-Flexors

  • Mild hip and knee tightness contractures

Featured Brands

One of the top manufacturers of Sit-to-Stand lifts with supine, prone and multi position feature, facilitating user and caregiver easy to move, transfer and do additional activities. Easystand models include Bantam, Evolv, Glider, Strapstand and Zing Standers.

Standing is a great way to improve your child's outlook on the world and their physical development. Leckey understands it well. From standing, till giving all therapeutic benefits Leckey provides all standing benefits needed. Leckey Squiggles is the best-selling one and is loved by users and their caregivers.

R82 is one of the leading manufacturers of rehabilitation products for both children and adults. R82 standers are versatile and offer multiple benefits. R82 models include Caribou, Toucan, Gazelle and more.

One of the best-selling products from Rifton are standers which include mobile stander, prone stander and supine stander for all age group users providing multiple benefits with mobility needs. These are best for users with mild to severe disabilities.