Rolling Walker enables you to get around much easier and safer than traditional step walkers, with great maneuverability and comfort. Rollator walkers require less energy to move around and still provide helpful stability for patients with difficulty standing. It provide stability and support to let you walk through your daily activities without fatigue. They also feature hand brakes on the handles to make using them safe. We carry rolling walkers from top brands Invacare, Guardian.
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Rollz Motion2 Rollator and Transport Chair

  • Steers lightly in both rollator walker and wheelchair positions
  • Innovative design transforms from rollator into wheelchair in few seconds
  • Supports an active lifestyle so that people enjoy going out even with limited mobility
  • Lightweight, sturdy design ensures to keep its balance, will not shake nor require extra energy from you to handle it
Earn 1234 Points ($12.30)

Rollz flex rollator

  • Offers great support and steers lightly even with a full shopping bag
  • Soft foam filled tires absorb vibrations, allowing a more comfortable walk
  • Perfect to take it to the supermarket, museum, or a restaurant keeping you safe and stable
  • Handlebar provides mild assistance and the option to steer it with one hand when it is fully extended

Rollz Motion Performance Rollator and Transport Chair

  • Walk tall and steadily, while safely supported by a sturdy design
  • All-terrain rollator comes with air filled tires for advanced shock absorption
  • Easily transforms from rollator to wheelchair for those who might need to sit longer
  • Ergonomically shaped soft handles ensures more grip and the material dampens vibrations
Earn 1519 Points ($15.20)

Rollz Motion Rhythm Rollator

  • A stable rollator that prevent falls which can occur due to balance problems
  • Multiple cues such as laser, sound and vibration can be used to fit your specific situation
  • Parkinson rollator walker is easy to set and activate by yourself or with your practitioner
  • Ideal for people with multiple sclerosis, or other neurological conditions that require extra support to walk

Escape Anterior Rollator/Walker

  • Easier to lift into the trunk of a car
  • Can hold weight while slightly or fully folded to fit through tight doorways
  • Compact folding rollator is easy to initiate with a simple lift of the release handle
  • Pressure-reducing handgrips maintains hand strength and the brakes are easy to apply
Earn 400 Points ($4.00)

Escape mini anterior rollator/walker

  • Anatomical handles and cable-free braking system
  • Large padded seat adds more comfort with easy to apply brakes
  • Lightweight aluminum constructed rollator with adjustable backrest
Earn 306 Points ($3.10)

Prestige rollator and transport chair by Triumph mobility

  • Combination of rollator and transport chair
  • It is comfortably built for both user and the caregiver
  • Sleek design with brake cables tucked inside the frame
  • Swivel the flexible padded back rest from rollator position to the transport chair
Earn 1295 Points ($13.00)

So Lite Glide Upright Folding Rollator/Walker

  • Helps correct posture during use without straining arms
  • Lightweight aluminum frame folds easily to lift and store in the trunk of a car
  • Easy height adjustments and folding are made possible by one touch technology
Earn 499 Points ($5.00)

byAcre Carbon Fiber Ultralight Rollator

  • Lightest, easy folding and sleek design rollator will fit in any car, train or boat
  • Ergonomically shaped and designed for the comfort of user to maneuver it with little effort
  • Forward-facing handles and curved shape of the frame allow to draw the rollator to the center of your body
  • Glides easily along sidewalks, streets, cobblestone, grass and even compact sand and beaches for everyday convenience and mobility
Earn 611 Points ($6.10)
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