Arjo Therapeutic Support Surfaces

Arjo Therapeutic Support Surfaces like Pressure IQ Evolve non-powered therapeutic Mattress Replacement System (MRS) with Self-Adjusting Technology (SAT) is specifically designed for the prevention and treatment of stage I-IV pressure ulcers. Therapeutic Surfaces provide effective pressure relief and improved solutions for a wide range of resident/user management issues.
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Arjo AtmosAir 9000X non-powered hybrid mattress

  • Open pressurized system distributes air to maintain pressure in cells
  • Each air cell has a base layer of hard foam and a viscoelastic foam top layer
  • Redistributes air between the cells to maintain a predefined level of pressure
  • Surface has fully welded carry handles and welded seams as a standard feature to help with infection control
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Arjo AtmosAir Velaris alternating hybrid mattress system

  • With pump it transforms to an alternating therapy surface
  • Air redistribution module provides reactive pressure redistribution
  • Cost-effective and flexible mattress can be used for wide range of clients in care settings & therapy centers
  • Has a heel sloping zone that combines alternating air cells and AltoVac suction technology system provides the ability to offload in the susceptible heel area
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