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Featured Rehab Brands

Circle Specialty

Circle Specialty is carrying wheelchair and walkers that are lightweight and compact, folds easily for storage and transport. Circle specialty products are designed for kids and teens on-the-go and is a cost effective and affordable solution with variety of options and accessories.
8 Products

Ziggo Lightweight Pediatric Wheelchair

Ziggo Lightweight Wheelchair is a manual wheelchair for easier indoor and outdoor access allowing for maximum movement and portability.

Earn 249 Points ($2.50)

Ziggo Pro Reclining Wheelchair

  • Elevating Legrest
  • Flip-back desk arm
  • Reclining back up to 180°
  • Full back and neck support
Earn 439 Points ($4.40)

Circle Specialty Klip Posterior Walker 4-Wheeled

  • Klip Lightweight posterior can also be used in the anterior position
  • Klip 4-Wheeled Walker folds easily for compact storage and transport
  • The klip is a lightweight posterior gait trainer for kids, teens and young adults
Earn 179 Points ($1.80)

Klip 4-Wheeled Posterior Walker with 8" Wheels

  • Kilp Walker Folds easily for compact storage and transport
  • lightweight posterior gait trainer for kids, teens and young adults
  • Klip 4-Wheeled Walker with 8" wheels allows easier maneuverability over uneven surfaces and obstacles
Earn 349 Points ($3.50)

Anchor Bath Chair

  • Depth adjustable for growth
  • Provides a carefree bathing experience for children and caregivers alike
  • Agile and individualized functionalities ensure longevity, comfort, and hassle free bath time
Earn 319 Points ($3.20)

Pango classroom activity chair

  • Available in Small and Medium sizes
  • It has a unique seat to floor angle adjustability feature
  • Activity classroom chair for children with mild to moderate positioning needs
  • A cushioned seat and back, angle adjustable back, height and depth adjustable seat, and pelvic belt
Earn 599 Points ($6.00)

Strive Mobility Stroller

Perfect partner for active kids and busy parents

Strive Mobility Stroller is the perfect solution for pediatric users, offering parents and caregivers a lightweight and foldable alternative to bulky wheelchairs. Designed for easy mobility and customizable positioning, this stroller provides freedom and convenience to your child.

  • Adjustable Tension Positioning straps for flexible back support and positioning
  • Provides added safety when used for transport in a vehicle
  • The five point harness provides extra support for safety
  • Strive can be adjusted 85°, 90°, and 95° backwards
  • Ultimate companion for kids on the move.
Earn 814 Points ($8.10)

Pivot Gait Trainer

  • Four-Function front and rear casters
  • It can be used in both posterior or anterior position
  • Adjustable to control speed and align asymmetrical gait pattern
  • Provides additional support and postural alignment while walking and gait training
Earn 749 Points ($7.50)
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Select up to 4 items to compare.